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Start-to-end app & web development

Rubikkube design and develop mobile applications that can feature your business applications in the marketplace. We build applications in a formal way to get noticed and it wins in the competitive environment. We do maintenance, UI and UX design, and native app development for Android apps. We work for small and large scale business alike. We also offer database solution by using MongoDB and API development through Node.js, Laravel, Python. We bring an ecommerce platform to mobile by revolutionary development. We develop and launch an Android app to accelerate in the market.

iOS Development

We use modern programming languages such as swift and Objective C for iOS Development.

UI/UX Design

We offer prototyping, branding, UI & UX Design for web and mobile.

Android Development

We use Java for Android Development. We can create apps for everything.

Back-end API Development

We create API for multiple businesses.

We make it simple to share your ideas with target audiences.

Tech will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is ‘on’ all the time.

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You Ideas can be a great invention for digital world. Submit innovative ideas and we take care of its privacy.

Innovating to improve lives

According to given specification, scale up your idea within estimated time and with evaluated quality measured.

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Get finally finished and ready to use product as tested mobile application without any hurdles.

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Of Your Dreams

The adoption rate of mobile is twice that of the internet, three times that of social media, and 10 times faster than PCs

What We Delivered

Rubikkube delivers technically tested mobile application before given deadline. We are focused to deliver quality the best quality to our respected client according to given requirement and demand. We provide mobile development expertise within affordable budget including maintenance for existing application.

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Together We Build Dreams

The mobile phone is used from when you get up in the morning and is often the last thing you interact with at night.

Rubikkube was amazing, he exceeded all my expectations, qualified, professional, responsible and very smart! - i look forward to our success together, Well done Rubikkube Great job!!

Mohamed GhaithZEEW

I have been working with Rubikkube and his team for about 7 months on my project and its been an amazing experience so far. They build a very professional and user friendly UI of my app from the scratch and kept improving it over the months.

KhanTriangle Developers

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

yagoleonTrade Africa