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A mobile that let you find someone for eating together.

Using SeatCheck is a quick and easy way to get a seat at any restaurant. How can you do this is simply by creating a profile with your email or Facebook, when you’re in a restaurant. If you are a person who wants to acknowledge other about available seats at you table then just post the number of seats available at your table. People nearby will be able to view your listing and if anyone wants to join, they will simply send a request. If you choose to accept, your new friend will be on their way and you will get a chance to spend time with people of your choice

Android & iOS

Zeew Food Delivery

An app for finding the best food around you.

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Android & iOS


Eat at your favorite restaurant with a companion.

To eat at your favorite expensive restaurant is sometimes becomes not possible if prices are not affordable according to budget one has. Find a companion who is interested to visit the same restaurant to share food and bill is never an easy task. How one can find new friends or people who are already friends to take interest to go along with.

Android & iOS

Deaf Matrimony

The main focus of this app is to help the deaf around the world.

Deaf Matrimony provides a digital platform by implementing technique of sign language to be used by deafs or who has problem of Hard of Hearing digitally and find their partner by themselves. Match profiles and select a person of their choice to communicate, meet and for further negotiation. It allows them enter your details, match requirement and preferences.

Android & iOS


Send the gift around the world without any hassle.

Sending or receiving a gift from relatives, friends or loved ones from any part of the world require a person to deliver while traveling to that region of the world. To send gift or either to receive at any occasion can not be happened every time when it is needed. It takes time to deliver anything to any person in the world.

Android & iOS

Akili Health

Stay healthy. Stay active!

For starting any business or startup, it is necessary to be present on digital space. It is a demand of today’s era and it might become mandatory to be active on both offline and online afterwards as well. Health diagnostics tools and technology requires to be accessible online is a dream come true so patient’s tests and other related reports can be medically diagnosed.

Android & iOS


It helps to solve problem by finding an expert.

Millennial Bridge idea was willing to both make communication between two types of people; one who are searching for an expert to solve problem and the other who can solve the problem. Mentee and Mentor are playing these roles respectively through this social app which is creating a bridge between them.

Android & iOS

Guardian Project

Designed For Estranged Couples!

The Guardian Project is designed for estranged couples that
have to maintain contact because of children but struggle to
remain civil for whatever reason. The app is designed to
be as simple as possible. No photo’s, only text. Alleviate your
anxiety for $1.99 a month.

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